Saturday, June 8th, @ 1pm - Fargo, ND

Sickle is a four to five hour MEGAGAME about diplomacy, intrigue, and war set in the World of 1920+, introduced to the world by the award-winning boardgame Scythe. It's a 78-player mix of semi-cooperative role-playing and statecraft.

The World of 1920+ is an alternate-history version of the Eurasian supercontinent, focusing on 'Europa'. Here it is a time of farming and war, broken hearts and rusted gears, innovation and valor. In Sickle, each player represents a character from one of seven nations who are attempting to earn their fortune and claim their stake in the lands and resources surrounding the mysterious Factory, a remnant of Nikola Tesla's scientific achievements from the Great War which has mysteriously shuttered its doors and gone dark.

100% of our profits from this MEGAGAME will be donated to the Sanford Children's Hospital here in Fargo via Extra Life, a program to raise money for sick kids that's part of the Children's Miracle Network.

We hope you'll join us to have fun, play in a unique and epic event, and help raise money for kids in need on Saturday, June 8th, at 1pm.

A Mega-What?

A MEGAGAME is a large multiplayer game involving teams of players. The subject matter can range from politics to economics—from history to science fiction. Sickle has all of this and more. Much of what goes on could be described as roleplaying, though there's also definitely going to be a lot of problem solving, strategy, negotiation, and, of course, humor. Don't miss your chance to play in this unique, global phenomenon.

Watch this quick recap of Watch the Skies: Fargo that we ran in December 2017 to get a feel for all the fun a MEGAGAME can be.

Is this just some giant version of Scythe: The Boardgame?

Absolutely not.


Well, not really.

Sickle is based upon the same universe that Scythe is set in, but from there everything diverges. You don't need to know anything about Scythe: the Boardgame to play Sickle: the Megagame. You won't be a stand-in for a life-sized board game piece—you won't be a comically-oversized shoe on a giant Monopoly board—you'll be a member of a nation in Europa with the ability and freedom to do far more than the constraints of a board game allow.

If you like Scythe, we're sure you'll like Sickle. If you don't, we still expect you'll have just as much fun roleplaying with 77 other players for our epic event. This is model United Nations meets Diplomacy meets Dungeons and Dragons meets Scythe. We can't wait to see you there!

Roleplaying!? Like LARPing? I'm not sure I'm up to this...

Don't worry about it. Every player, young and old, never-touched-a-d20 or DMing-their-40th-year-of-weekly-D&D, will be given a simple, yet carefully crafted narrative background to build their roleplaying off of.

In fact, everyone will get at least a couple choices to choose from at the start of the game so you can each find the background that's for you. Along with these backgrounds and suggested motivations you'll also receive some hidden, secret motivations to really spur your creative juices. You'll be discussing the finer points of mech-licensing bureaucracy and sustainable battlefield agriculture with other players before you know it.

The Nations of Sickle

The Crimean Khanate

At the center of a geopolitical web that’s complicated by valuable fertile land and oil wealth, five Great Noble Houses vie to influence the development of the Khanate.

The Nordic Kingdom

The Swedish Monarch of the Nordic Kingdom maintains absolute power over the often-disgruntled Norway and Denmark as King/Queen of the Nords. To complicate things, the Kingdom still abides by an increasingly complex system of overlapping administrative and noble rankings.

The Republic of Polonia

The newly independent Polonians are furious for being pushed around for so long. Will angry Polonians isolate potential allies and provoke wars with larger neighbors? Will Polonians self-cannibalize in the patriotic march towards national security?

The Rusviet Union

With the Tsar forced to abdicate to a more symbolic role, the democratic Provisional Government now must balance the desires of the communist Revolutionaries and the conservative Tsarists.

The Saxon Empire

The Great War forced internal reform in the Empire. The Emperor now must share power with the elitist and conspiratorial Bunderstat (Senate), and the tumultuous and conspiratorial Reichstag (House of Representatives).

The Albion Expeditionary Force

The A.E.F. is a band of scrappy bagpipe-blasting Celts. Led by Clan Albion, staffed by rival Clan Greyson, and bankrolled by the City-State of London, they've begun their march into the unknown of Eastern Europa. What could go wrong?

The Togawa Shogunate’s Factory Task Force

The Shogun’s niece, Akiko, has assembled a motley crew to search for her missing brother. Shinobi (ninjas), Samurai, Warrior Monks, and others must juggle social and military hierarchies as they debate how best to accomplish their objectives.

The Factory

Founded by Nikola Tesla and now run by CEO Fenris, the Factory output wondrous inventions before and during the Great War. These inventions were all too frequently adapted for war. The Factory has now gone mysteriously dark.

How will I fit in?

On gameday, each player will receive the opportunity to choose from several backgrounds in order to flesh out their roleplaying personas, giving them driving motivations that thread into the universe and narrative.

You will have to consort, cooperate, and compete with other high-ranking members of the governments in Sickle to navigate not only your own personal and political aims, but also those of the other nation states and government officials.

Everyone will be playing the same scenario, but each from different perspectives and roles, from prime ministers to party leaders, from secretaries of defense to water commissars. In this day-long event, you will have the opportunity to carve a strategy with other players and react to situations as they arise, making your mark on the universe and the experience for all.

Whether new to roleplaying or a sourdough, every player will have the opportunity to spring off the roleplaying base these simple yet intentionally-crafted narratives will give them to start.

How do I choose a nation/team?

Given the nature of the game and organizing 78 players into teams, you do not get to choose anything specific to the game, such as "the Rusviet Union." We will sort and organize you into teams on our end, doing our best to honor the preferences you express during the ticketing process.

Once teams are assigned, all you need to do is show up and join your team on game day. Part of the game on gameday itself is choosing a faction and being assigned a role within your team's nation's government. If there are specific players you'd like to be with, however, please see the question regarding groups below.

I want to play with friends

When you purchase a ticket, you'll be asked "Do you have a group or would you like to be placed in one?" If you answer "Yes", we'll ask for your group name—this group name is for player-organizing purposes only and won't appear in-game. It's simply a way for you and other friends to coordinate that you wish to be together, and this is how we'll begin sorting players into different teams as game-day approaches.

Also, as a rule-of-thumb, if you purchase more than one ticket at once, we will interpret that to mean that you wish to be assigned to a team together and we will endeavor to make that the case. In the event you don't wish for that outcome, let us know in the comments section during your purchase.

Lastly, please note that we will endeavor to keep all players on the same team who wish to be together, but this may not always be possible. We hope you'll have fun no matter who you're with (or without).

I want to play solo

Buy a ticket and we'll assign you to a role.

You'll be asked questions regarding your nation preferences during checkout, so fear not—you'll end up in a role you can have fun with.

Are there minimum age requirements to attend the event?

All attendees must be at least 16 years of age. This event is not an appropriate place for infants and other young children, and childcare will not be provided. It will be a high-energy event in a right-sized space featuring mature subject matter.

When will I know what team I'm on?

We'll try to let you know what team you're on about two weeks before gameday, though this may not be possible. The game adapts based upon player count, so it's possible we might not even know what team you're on until gameday itself. The sooner the event fills up the better, so be sure to recruit your friends to join you in the World of 1920+ as soon as possible.

Why advance tickets?

In order to properly prepare you, other players, and the game itself, tickets must be purchased in advance. Ticket sales will end in May, so don't wait to get them! The game will be held at the West Acres Mall, and the event will last several hours. We'll provide all of the game materials and supplies, but costumes are strongly encouraged—having government officials in 1920's bureaucratic attire and other regalia is part of the fun!

We hope any other questions you may have can be answered by visiting our ticket page's FAQ or by contacting us via e-mail or Facebook.

You're doing this for charity?

We're donating the profits from Sickle to Extra Life. Not only will anything we don't spend on the production of the game go to Extra Life, but we have also worked to get pledges from local businesses to also donate to Extra Life on behalf of all of you, the gamers who'll be participating in our megagame.

Extra Life unites thousands of gamers around the world to play games in support of their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital. Since its inception in 2008, Extra Life has raised more than $50 million for sick and injured kids. Furthermore, all donations stay local to fund critical treatments and healthcare services, pediatric medical equipment and charitable care. To that end, 100% of the profits from Sickle will be donated to the Sanford Children's Hospital here in Fargo.